6 Things to Do Today to Reclaim Your Life from Alcohol

Freedom From Alcohol® happens to be more than the name of this site. It is a method and process that we employ to help people do exactly that – break free from alcohol.

If you think alcohol is playing a leading role in your life, the most important thing you can do is to listen to your body, how does it feel? Can you at least say you do not like how you feel?

Can you, will you – set your endlessly busy mind aside and get help before you have fallen completely into its progressive, tightening grip?

Alcohol addiction, alcoholism, or excessive drinking and its effects on health slowly gets worse over time; and often the person falling into its grasp is not aware of their path, or the pain and suffering inflicted on loved ones.

So if you are reading this post in a moment of strength and honest self-evaluation, please do one or more of these six things today to reclaim your life from alcohol:

  1. Decide that you want to take control of your life again.
  2. Take the alcohol screening test.
  3. Think of the life you want and not the next drink
  4. Believe in yourself!
  5. Get inspired! Read Alcohol Success Stories.
  6. Get help. Contact me or another healthcare practitioner today.

4 thoughts on “6 Things to Do Today to Reclaim Your Life from Alcohol

  1. Simply superb.
    Your Six steps are really needed for anyone wishes for alcohol recovery.
    Very much useful for alcohol addicts.

    Cool blog and keep it up.

  2. I have been sober for almost 90 days, but I took your alcohol screening test with answers that I would have given three months ago. My result: “In your case, 89.5% of the adult American public including 82% of women is consuming less alcoholic drinks a week than you have reported drinking in your answers.” Scary. I’m glad I’ve decided to quit.

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