Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Admits Bout with Alcoholism

Magnificent Desolation is not only the title of Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin’s new book, but a feeling very familiar to those plagued by alcoholism. In his new tome, Buzz Aldrin, a hero to millions and the 2nd man to walk on the moon, reveals the ugly truth about his decline into alcoholism.

Mr. Aldrin’s tale is a familiar one: he struggled to adjust to new challenges in his life and a new-found lack of purpose. He, as many alcoholics do, felt he did not have a problem and then chose to ignore it. After his divorce in 1975, he rarely ventured out; except to buy food and alcohol.

In the struggle for your own life and control over alcohol, it’s important to realize that you are not alone, you are worthy of compassion and a new future. Even national heroes like Mr. Aldrin have walked the same path as you and have cleared the fog and found their way again. Although Mr. Aldrin was a celebrity, he was so consumed and his battle well known; he took the extraordinary step of 28 days of in-patient treatment.

While effective, in-patient treatment can be a barrier to those that do not want publicity or cannot “drop out” for a month or more. It’s important to note that new treatments like the Freedom From Alcohol® Method, are available. Through the use of anti-craving medication and counseling, you can still participate in your life while receiving confidential treatment to help you abstain or lessen alcohol’s grip on your health and behavior.

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